Applications and Utilities

Updated: 1 Jan 2024

Mac OS comes with the usual sort of applications programs to play around with and these are listed under Applications and there are various utilities. These programs are listed below with more information for the new stuff.


App Store Main application to browse, search, buy and download Mac Apps. Includes an Update tab for latest app updates.
Automator Create automation tasks with AppleScript
Books Manage Book store for electronic books or audio books
Calculator Program to work out simple or complex calculations. It a scientific mode for more complex calculations.
Calendar Calendar to organise your life
Chess Latest 3D chess game
Clock Display a clock to show time
Contacts List of people with names, numbers, addresses and birthdays etc. Formally called Address Book.
Dictionary Look up words in the dictionary or thesaurus
Facetime Contact family and friends with video and audio calls
Find My Seach for your devices e.g. iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook etc.
Font Book Displays and manages fonts. Fonts can be OpenType or TrueType fonts.
Freeform To perform sketches for a project, design a mood board or brainstorm ideas. (new)
Home Control and more your Home using Siri and Apple watch.
Image Capture Application to fetch images from Digital Cameras or Scanners.
Launchpad Create a window to launch your apps from like a phone or pad.
Mail Electronic Mail program
Maps Display map of local area, national or international locations
Messages Contact friends and family using text or images.
Mission Control Allows user to quickly locate an open window, hide other windows and show desktop. Its a combination of Dashboard, Expose and Spaces.
Music Manage music (replaces iTunes)
News Display current news via Apple. Option to display news from newspapers too.
Notes Make temporary notes of text, photos, videos, a url and so on.
Photo Booth Allows users to take photos of themselves from built in camera.
Photos Display and manage your photos
Podcasts Manage short podcasted videos
Preview Display images or PDF documents
Quicktime Player Plays video and sound files including MOV files
Reminders Lists of to do, projects, groceries, jobs and so on
Safari New web browser with Reading List, Pinned Sites, Apply Pay, Picture in Picture etc.
Shortcuts Create shortcuts for everyday tasks e.g send messages, open a app, play music, select menu, call someone, open file etc.
Siri Application for voice control of the Mac. Introduced in macos Sierra.
Stickies Create post it notes on your desktop to save quick notes.
Stocks Display company stock information.
System Settings Change user and system preferences or settings
TextEdit Text editor for plain text, rich text or doc files
Time Machine Backup program
TV Manage Films and TV Programmes
Voice Memos Create recording on your iPhone, iPad and Mac and share them.
Weather Display temperature, rain forecasts, alerts, hourly and 10 day forecasts, air pollution, wind, UV, Sunrise/set, moon etc (new)

Other Tools

Activity Monitor Monitor and display information on CPU, Applications, Disks, Memory and Network
AirPort Utility Set up a Wi-Fi network using AirPort Base Station
Audio MIDI Setup Configure audio and MIDI devices
BlueTooth File Exchange Enables two people to share a computer using a remote connection (Get or Give Assistance)
Boot Camp Assistant Install Windows on your Mac
ColorSync Utility Manage color profiles and filters for Apple's PDF workflow or filters to PDF files
Console System and application log viewer
Digital Color Meter Finds the colour value of any colour on your display.
Disk Utility Manage disks, disk images and RAID sets.
Grapher Visualize and analyze implicit and explicit equations.
Keychain Access Stores user names, passwords and certificates
Migration Assistant Migrate documents to another Mac or PC or disk.
Print Centre Display print queues for any printers (new)
Screen Sharing Share your screen with your colleagues (new)
Screenshot Grabs portions of screen, captures and saves to a file
Script Editor Creates tools or apps with Apple Script or Javascript.
System Information Shows hardware and software information about the Mac.
Terminal Opens a bash command prompt window
VoiceOver Utility Screen reader, which reads text on screen and output as audio.

Apps from App Store

Apple Remote Desktop Access and manage other Apple Mac computers.
GarageBand Create music with software instruments, presets, guitar, dummer and voice. It is also available for purchase from the App Store.
Ink Allows you to add sketches and handwritten text into documents.
Keynote Create presentations
MacOS Download current or previous versions of MacOS.
Microsoft 365 Microsoft office suite.
Microsoft Remote Desktop Access Windows computers remotely using RDP.
Numbers Create spreadsheets
Pages Create documents
Parallels Client Access workplace computers over the internet.
Parallels Desktop Run virtual machines running MacOS, Windows or Linux.
Stuffit Expander Extract files from stuffit files or other archive formats.
The Unarchiver Extract files from archive files like ZIP, TAR,Gz etc.
UTM Run virtual machines using QEmu.
X Code Develop new apps for iPhone, iPad or Mac.
Zappiti Media Center Play movies, tv and photos from one center. See also Kodi.


Old Applications

Dashboard Holds secondary desktop to display small apps called Widgets
DVD Player Plays DVD discs in the internal or an external optical drive.
iBooks Read latest best sellers or study text books (see Books)
iMovie A video editing suite for Mac (upto El Capitan). It can catpure video via the Firewire or USB ports.
iTunes Get and play music from your music collection or from the store (up to Mojave). See Music, TV, Podcasts.
Grab Capture window or screen contains to an image file. See Screenshot.
X11 X-Windows implementation for Mac (aka XQuartz)


See also the list of Apps on Wikipedia.

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