Computer Hardware and Software for Sale ( )

All software is original and comes with manuals and boxes. Pictures supplied in some cases to help you.
All prices in UK Pounds. Sale preferred in UK for large, heavy items.
Sold on a first come, first served basis (cheques returned if more than 1 person buys same item).

Items sold by me on eBay plus the following items:

Hardware for sale: (incl p+p)
  Hardware Description Requirements Start Price Ebay Auction
Destroyer Gravis Destroyer Joystick (Gameport) Joystick Windows 95/98,XP £2.99  
Gamestar Gamestar Joypad Joypad Windows 98 £2.99  

If interested in any of these items please

Software for sale:
  CDROMs Description Requirements Price Ebay#
Lost Lost Adventure Game Windows XP, Vista £2  
Civ 4 Civilisation IV Strategy Game Windows 2000, XP or later £2  
Mid Club 2 Midnight Club II Street Racing Game Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP or later £2  
Stranglehold Stranglehold Shoot em up Windows XP SP2, Vista or later £2  
X2 The Threat X2 The Threat Space trading and shoot em up Windows 98SE, 2000, XP or later £2  
Hells Highway Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway War game Windows XP, Vista or later £2  
Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood War Game Windows XP only £2.99  
Die Hard Trilogy Die Hard Trilogy Play John McLane in this game version of the Die Hard films as you tackle terrorists and criminals.

Windows 95/98

F16 F16 Agressor Fly the F16 fighter plane in this combat simulation Windows 95/98/Me £1.00  
Urban Chaos Urban Chaos Play a cop fighting crime in the centre of a modern day city using your unarmed/armed skills. Windows 95/98 (Tested on Windows 7 ok) £1.00  

If interested in any of these items please

You can pay me by Paypal, Cheque or Postal Order.

UK: Add 2.50p per Program or CD for P+P
UK: Add £3.50 per large books for P+P
Europe: Add £3.50 per game or CD for P+P/Exch Fee
Eurocheques or cash preferred
World: Add £4 per game or CD for P+P/Exch Fees
Cash or cheques in UK Pounds Sterling preferred

For information on games see the Amiga Games Database.
For more stuff to buy or sell visit Amibench, QXL or eBay.

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