Boing Ball  Amiga Emulator FAQ

Workbench 3.1 Extras, Install disk etc.

Extras Disk

Install Disk

Fonts Disk

This disk contains bitmap and Compugraphic (Bullet) fonts for use by Workbench
and application software.

Additional fonts can be downloaded from Aminet.

Locale Disk

This feature was added with Workbench to provide facilities to display
workbench and other applications in other languages.

This disk contains catalog, country and amigaguide help files for country
specific settings, languages and so on.

Usually programs will install their own catalogs and help files here. Some
programs can have catalogs provided seperately and will need to be installed


Improving Workbench 3.1

Workbench 3.1 has a lot of missing features, these can be added to the Workbench
from third party programs from PD sources such as Aminet.

a ) Magic Workbench

Replaces the standard four colour icons with more colourful 8 colour icons.

b) NewIcons

Replaces the standard icons with multi-colour 3d type icons.

c) Toolsdaemon and ToolManager

Toolsdaemon adds your favourite programs to the Tools menu for quick access.
ToolManager add programs to Tools also the option of adding a Toolbar to the Workbench screen

d) Magic User Interface

Replaces Inutuition and Gadtools style windows with more powerful features with user-configurability.

e) ReqAttack

Replaces the standard requester with a animated requester with graphics.

f) SwazInfo

Replaces the standard Information window with a more informative and powerful version.

g) MCP or MCX

A multi-function commodity program that adds extra features to workbench.

h) Scalos

Replaces the Workbench interface with a new improved version.

i) MagicMenu

Replaces the standard menu system with improved menus with popup menus from the desktop instead of the top of the screen.

j) TTF and Postscript

New libraries which allow the use of more common TrueType and Postscript fonts than the standard Bitmap and Compugraphic fonts.

k) TCP/IP Networking

This will allow you to access to internet or talk to other computers on a network. Typical programs include AmiTCP, Genesis and Miami.

l) ZShell

Full replacement for CLI for AmigaOS.

m) KingCON

Console handler replacement for CON: and RAW: devices.

n) AWeb or NetSurf
Web browser for access to the internet.

o) AmiSSL
SSL/TLS decription libraries and tools for accessing HTTPS sites.

p) Datatypes for various file types.
Datatypes for opening GIF, JPEG, PNG and sound files.