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Workbench 1.3 Extras

Improving Workbench 1.3

Workbench 1.3 is one of the oldest and least usable of the Amiga's OS. Over the years, plenty of utilities have been released to improve some of the oversights of WB 1.3.
The following programs and packages could be installed to improve your workbench. Some programs have been upgraded to WB2 or WB3 so check requirements first.

a) SID2 (and other directory utilities)
SID2 was a very popular directory utility to organise files on your floppy disks or hard disk. A variant called MessySID allowed access to PC disks too.

b) DMouse.
A Mouse accelerator which included other options including screen saver, pointer blanker, auto window activation, programmable keys, window control etc. Essential!

c) FixDisk or DiskSalv
Essential disk repair programs for fixing floppy or hard disk problems. Later versions only work on WB2 or better.

d) PowerPacker
Useful packing program with good viewers such as PPShow, PPMore to read/view normal or packed files.

e) ARP or Amiga Replacement Project
A replacement for WB 1.3s older AmigaDOS commands and comes with the arp.library for standard file requesters before ASL and REQTOOLS appeared.

f) Magic Workbench.
Yes, the ultimate icon package is available for WB1.3 users. Look out for MagicWB1.3.lha in Aminet for useful WB 1.3 tools.

g) MultiDOS.
This was available before CrossDOS appeared as standard. You will be able to read/write PC disks.

h) Virus Checkers
WB 1.3 users have a big problem in this area as most new virus checkers are for WB2 or better unless you know different?
Virus Checker will remove older viruses though.

i) BGUIMenu - Button Menus
WB1.3 does not have a Tools menu like WB2 or better, so other types of menu programs are available to quickly start your programs such as BGUIMenus