Letter Y

Yahoo! Web portal, mail provider, and search engine. See UK Yahoo web page. YAM Yet Another Mailer. An E-mail program for Amiga computers. Yammer A communication tool on Office 365. YellowDog A Linux distribution based on RedHat, and Centos. Youtube A website for videos by individuals or organisations. Y2K Year 2000. Usually referred to bugs to dates that are shorted to 2 digits than 4 digits and can cause programs to misrepresent the year as something else. For example, year 00 can mean 2000 or 1900?! Y2038 Year 2038 problem that deals with 32-bit time formats that can reset to 0 after year 2038.
Affects old timestamp values and functions on unix systems. Yum Yellowdog Updater Modifed. A command line management tool for RPM (Redhat Package Manager).

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