Letter X

X400 Another method of sending Email other than SMTP. An X400 address is split into sub-sections. X500 A directory protocol used to traverse databases or directory services such as SQL, Active Directory, NDS, Exchange etc. XBox First game console by Microsoft which uses a Penium III processor, Nvidea NA2A GPU, CD/DVD drive and hard disk. XBox 360 Second generation game console by Microsoft with a PPC Tri-core Xenon processor, ATI Xenos GPU with a CD/DVD drive and Hard drive. XBox One Third generation game console by Microsoft with an AMD 8-core 1.7GHz CPU, 8GB DDR3, 8GB Flash memory, 853GHz GPU, DVD drive, 500GB HDD, Cloud storage, Kinect motion control, USB 3, 1GB wired, Wifi, HDMI etc. XDDM Windows 2000 Display driver model. Xeon High end Intel processor used mainly for servers which can use 2 or more processors on the motherboard. XGA Entended Graphics Adapter. IBMs latest screen technology at 1024 x 768. XHTML Extensible HTML. Used as a bridge between standard HTML and XML. XML Extensible Markup Language. A metalanguage used to describe other documents, databases etc. XP Microsoft's eXPerience brand name for the 2001 edition of Office and Windows. XPDM Windows XP Driver Model. XPS XML Paper Specification. Open document format created by Microsoft. XSL Extensible Style Sheet for XML documents for formatting and filtering of XML documents. XSLT Extensible Sort and fiLtering language for XML. XT Early models of IBM PCs using 8088/8086 processors. X Windows Windows system used by Unix based systems e.g. Linux.

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