Letter P

P2P Peer to Peer communication such as workgroups or home networks. PAL Phase Alteration Line. European Standard for TV resolutions running at rates of 15.6kHz Horizontal and 50Hz Vertical. DblPAL runs at 27.5KHz Horizontal. Standard size of 640 x 256. Palm OS An operating system used by Personal Organiser computers such as those made by Palm. Parallel The parallel port used mainly to send data to printers. Uses 8 data lines instead of Serial's 1 line and therefore faster. The PC can use standard, bidirectional, ECP and EPP types. Parallels Parallels software for remote access or Desktop virtualisation on the Mac. Pascal An early programming language based on typed variables and structured code. A popular version for the PC was called TurboPascal. PATA Parallel AT Attachment. Interface used by Hard Drives and Optical Drives. Now superceded by SATA. Paula Custom Chip used in Amigas to manage floppy drives and produce sound. PC Personal Computer. Tends to refer to Intel based computers running MS DOS or Windows. But can be valid for any single user computer. PC-DOS IBM's version of the DOS operating system. PCI Peripheral Connection Interface. Standard expansion slot for modern computers such as PCs, Macs and Suns. Replaces the older ISA slot. See PCI SIG site. PCI Express PCI Express is a faster replacement for PCI and AGP slots. PCI-X A faster variant of the PCI Express bus replacement.
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association. Standard for 'Smart Cards' such as memory or RAM Disk, Network, Hard Disks, CDROM etc. cards that can be fitted on the left side slot of Laptops. See PCMCIA Web Site. PCX ZSoft's Paintbrush picture format used on PCs mainly. PDA Personal Digital Assistant. Small portable computer for data access on the move e.g. Psion, WinCE etc. PDF Portable Document Format. Page description format but simpler than postscript. Pentium Intel x86 processor. Models include standard Pentium, Pentium MMX, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, III and IV, Pentium M(obile). Perl A scripting programming language used commonly on web sites. See Perl Home Page. PGA Portable Graphics Adapter. Graphics used on Laptops and flat screens. PGP Pretty Good Privacy. An encryption method of hiding data sent over a network. Pharming When frausters redirect users to fake imitations of web sites to gain private information such as usernames, passwords, account details etc such as Banks, eBay, Paypal etc Phishing This is fraudant use of personal information for personal gain such as emails send to get userids, passwords and PINS. See Anti-Phishing site. PHP PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Another scripting language similar to Perl. Ping Utility to see whether a another computer on TCP/IP network is responding and returns the time taken for packet to get there and back. Pixel Picture element. A single dot on the screen. Playstation A game console developed by Sony Electronics. PLIP Parallel Line Interface Protocol. Network communication between computers using parallel port. Plug-In An extra bit of software to enhance existing software, for example, Flash, Shockwave and Quicktime are plug ins for Web Browsers for video and animation over the web. PM Power Management. Hardware features used to save power and electricity when a PC is idle. PNG Portable Network Graphics. Replacement file format for GIF as GIF has licensing restrictions from CompuServe while PNG doesn't. PNP Plug aNd Play. Introduced with Windows 95 to simplify and automate detection and installation of devices on a PC. Pocket PC Personal Organiser which uses a compact version of Windows called PocketPC or Windows CE. Pointer An arrow or other pointing image controlled by the Mouse. Policy A setting that is usually enforced on a computer system.
See Group Policy. Polymorphism Ability for each class to have its own function in a hierarchy that does a similar but not exact job as other functions in other classes. Requires abstract classes and virtual functions. POST Power On Self Test. The process in which a computer does a self-diagnosis on startup. Postscript Page description language used extensively in Destop Publishing and high end printers. POWER IBM's Power processor used by its servers. Run AIX, IBM i, Linux. PowerPC IBM's desktop processor used by early Apple Macintosh, now used
by A-EON Amiga computers running Amiga OS 4.1. PowerPacker Compression method used on pictures or text or even programs which allows realtime decompression when opened. PowerPoint A media slideshow program, which is part of Microsoft Office. PowerShell A command shell by Microsoft built on .NET Framework or .NET Core APIs. POP3 Post Office Protocol v3. Protocol used to send/receive Electronic mail. PPM Pages Per Minute. Number of pages of output per minute. PPP Point to Point Protocol. A protocol used for communication between locations for Dial Up networking. PPPoA Point to Point Protocol over ATM. Common protocol used by UK ADSL providers. PPPoE Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet. Common protocol used by US ADSL providers. PPTP Point to Point Tunneling Protocol for VPN networking. Preferences A program or option to change user, application or system settings. Printer Output device which produces a paper copy of whatever is on the computer screen for example, text or pictures. Program Another name for a computer application or app. Programming Creation of computer software using a programming language. Protocol A standard using in networking for sending data between people. Standards include: IPX, TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3 etc. Proxy A Proxy server is used to mainly to cache web pages and files locally and gateway to internet. Example is Squid. PS/2 Personal System 2. Name for range of IBM PCs. Also name for small 5 pin keyboard/mouse ports on most PCs. PS2 Sony's Playstation 2 game console which includes the 128 bit Emotion Engine processor and a DVD player. PS3 Sony's Playstation 3 game console which includes the Cell Broadband Engine, NVidea RSX, Blu-ray optical drive and SATA Hard disk and supports Net Play. PS4 Sony's Playstation 4 game console, which includes an AMD APU, 8 GB RAM,
Blu-Ray drive, 500GB HDD, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB ports PSD Photoshop file format. Adobe Photoshop is the top end graphics and paint package. Psion A Company that developed personal organizer devices like the Psion Organiser. PSU Power Supply Unit. Usually a transformer which converts mains electricity to lower voltages for use with computer equipment. PUP Potentially Unwanted Program such as adware, spyware etc. PWS Personal Web Server. Cut down web server to host HTML pages on your desktop PC. Comes with Windows 98, Me or NT4. Python A scripting language commonly used on web pages, see Python Home Page.

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