Letter L

L2TP Level Two Tunneling Protocol used over VPN networks. LAN Local Area Network. A number of computers connected together fairly close together to produce a network. LandZone Place where drive heads can park. Laptop A computer packaged into one small portable package for easy transportation. Usually has a TFT monitor built in which can be flipped up. LCD Liquid Crystal Display. Uses special cystals to produce displays on Laptops. See TFT. LED Light Emitting Diode. Simple method of displaying characters using light from specialised diode components. Library A file containing lots of functions which can be called and shared between programs. Windows consists of a number of libraries and extra libraries can be added to add functionality. Libraries are stored in the C:\Windows\System[32] directory. Linux Linus' UniX. Popular and free Unix type operating system for Server and Workstations and PCs and other platforms such as 680x0, PowerPC, MIPS, x86, x64 etc. Developed by Linus Torvalds. See Linux.com and Linux.org. Linux Mint A popular variant of the Debian Linux operating system. LibreOffice A free open source office, for Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows systems. This is a variant of OpenOffice, with more development. Lisa Graphics chip used in AGA Amigas eg. 1200 and 4000. LHA File archive format widely used on the Amiga. Uses Lempel-Ziv compression and Hoffman encoding. Same as LZH files. See Unix and Amiga web sites. LIM Lotus/Intel/Microsoft standard. E.g. Expanded RAM. Locale Library which caters for different languages other than English. Locale set up via the Locale Preferences. Application programs can be localised by installing catalog files to cater for different languages. LPT Line PrinTer. Another name for parallel port on most PCs.
LTE Long Term Evolution. Name for a new fourth generation (4G) of cellular networks. LVD Low Voltage Differential. Type of SCSI signalling used on Ultra2 SCSI chains. LVM Logical volume Manager. Used widely on linux systems to manage disks. LZH Archive format named after Lempel-Ziv and Haruyasu. See LHA. LZX Another file archive format, tends to be faster than LHA and compresses better.

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